This bottle cutter, rather than other ones, can cut all kinds of bottles with different textures ( frosted, with diamonds or corrugated), colors and base outlines (like hexagonal and squared-like). Thats right! you can use your Vidrillete bottle cuttler for square, liquor or wine glass bottles.

A quick, safe and practical cut

Cut a bottle in less than 1 minute in three easy steps:

  • Adjustable to the diameter of the bottle
  • Turn on Vidrillete with the switch
  • Slowly rotate the bottle, and in seconds you’ll have a clean cut

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The best glass bottle CUTTING MACHINE

Unlike other machines or methods, it doesn’t require fuel, alcohol or any additional material or implements to work.

It is a glass bottle electric cutter with a 95% rate of perfect cuts, while also being a very safe machine to use.

Isn’ it the best glass bottle cutting machine you have heard off?

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A Patented Peruvian Product

A 100% peruvian and patented machine since 1987. We have been in the national and international market since then.

All of our clients are always satisfied with the results of Vidrillete!

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We are shipping to all America and Europe